The Arkansas Department of Health regulates the sale of food at establishments which include restaurants, bars, daycares, schools, grocery stores, convenience stores, bed and breakfast facilities, hotels/motels, mobile units and concession stands. Inspections are made unannounced by environmental health specialists.

Electronic copies of retail food inspection reports are available on the Arkansas Food Inspection Portal. To access the portal, visit the food protection page on the Arkansas Department of Health website at

The following are the results of food safety inspections conducted by the Jefferson County Health Unit:

• Kentucky Fried Chicken, 3002 Pines Mall Drive. Date of inspection into complaint Dec. 19. No violations pertaining to complaint during inspection.

• Catering by Scott Ray, 9231 U.S. 270, White Hall. Date of inspection Dec. 17. Observed food in walk in cooler prepared on site with no date marking. Food prepared on site should be date marked if held for more than 24 hours and discarded after 7 days. Food was date marked or discarded during inspection. Observed cornbread dressing sitting out to thaw. Food should only be thawed using approved methods. Observed boxes of food in walk in cooler, walk in freezer, and dry storage area being stored on the ground. Food in boxes should be stored at least 6 inches off of the ground. Observed some single use containers being reused to store food in. Single use containers should not be reused.

• K & M Krawfish Waggin, mobile, 399 Brockman Drive, Redfield. Date of inspection Dec. 17. Observed single use containers being reused to store food in. Single use containers should not be reused.

• Kitchen Kung Fu, 8500 Dollarway Road, White Hall. Date of inspection Dec. 13. Observed utensil and wiping cloths being stored in hand washing sink. A hand washing sink shall be maintained so that it is accessible at all times for employee use, and do not use for purposes other than hand washing. Items were removed from hand washing sink during inspection. Observed food in walk in freezer in kitchen being stored uncovered. Food should stay covered when being stored to prevent contamination. Food was covered during inspection. Observed raw chicken being stored above soy sauce buckets in walk in cooler. Raw chicken should be stored below ready to eat foods. Raw chicken was moved during inspection. Observed a hole at the bottom of the back door in dry storage room. All outer openings of a food establishment should be protected against the entry of insects and rodents. Observed food being stored in boxes and containers directly on the floor in walk in cooler and freezer. Food in boxes and containers should be stored at least 6 inches off of the floor. Observed used wiping cloths being stored on counter tops in kitchen. Wiping cloths should be kept in a sanitizer solution between use. Test strips not observed in establishment. Test strips must be available and used to test the strength of chemical sanitizing solutions. Outside of cooking equipment under vent hood in kitchen is unclean and needs to be cleaned. Observed trash cans containing food residue uncovered when not in continuous use. Trash cans containing food residue should be covered when not in continuous use. Floors in establishment, especially under cooking equipment and in walk in cooler, are unclean and need to be cleaned. Current health permit is not posted. It is unlawful to operate a retail food establishment without a valid permit. Contact the billing office at 501-661-2171 to ensure that you are in compliance with the law.

• Ranch House Bar-B-Que, 6224 Dollarway Road. Date of follow-up inspection Dec. 13. Cutting board under hot holding pans needs to be resurfaced or replaced.

• Taqueria La Regiomontana, mobile, 970 English Road, Jefferson. Date of inspection Dec. 13. Facility lacks refrigerator thermometer. Food temperature measuring device shall be provided and readily accessible for use in ensuring attainment and maintenance of food temperature. No hot water observed in establishment. Hot water needed at sinks before opening next.