Retired Jefferson County Sheriff and new County Judge Gerald Robinson, right, presides over his first meeting of committees of the Quorum Court Tuesday as Justice of the Peace Ted Harden prepares to discuss a resolution adopting policies and procedures for the county’s legislative body to follow during the 2019-20 sessions. That resolution and a second naming Evelyn Bryant, Fred Batemon and Russell Barker to fill three vacant positions on the Harding Drainage Improvement District Board were the only items of business Tuesday. The Quorum Court welcomed two members, Justices of the Peace Patricia Royal Johnson, who served as Jefferson County Clerk for eight years before leaving office, and Justice of the Peace Alfred Carroll, who served on the court several years ago. Robinson also introduced new Jefferson County Attorney Terry Wynne, who replaced Jackie Harris, who stepped down Dec. 31. Wynne previously served as county attorney during a part of the time Dutch King was county judge. Pine Bluff Commercial/Ray King