The Tri County Rural Health Network of Helena and Forever Care, a Provider-Led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity (PASSE), assisted four families, including one in Jefferson County family, during the Christmas holidays.

One of Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s PASSE programs, Forever Care, partnered with the non-profit Tri County network to increase access to health care, according to a news release.

“Forever Care has worked with Tri County over the past year, using the Community Health Worker model. Tri County has been ForeverCare’s arm or reach in serving Medicaid members on the east side of the state,” according to the release.

Tri County’s community health workers celebrated Christmas by sharing with families with whom they have worked as care coordinators for ForeverCare PASSE.

“During the Tri County Christmas Party, the team donated individually, raising $1,200. They selected four families and divided the $1,200 and used the funds to help the selected families have a Merrier Christmas. Many of these team members have similar earnings and life experiences as the people with whom they serve but were willing to give above and beyond their work duties of being care coordinators and shared financially,” according to the release.

The Christmas donations were delivered to the families before the holiday to be enjoyed on Christmas. ForeverCare learned of the Tri County’s efforts and that one of the families selected had recently loss their home to a fire and has also sent a $450 gift card to that family to help them with their needs, according to the release.

“Forever Care, the PASSE is setting an example of care and commitment to the cause of service, as they partner with groups like Tri County Rural Health Network,” according to the release.

The three Jefferson County team members/employees involved the program are Gloria Boswell, Andrea Washington and Markethia Smith, according to Naomi Cottoms, director for Tri County Rural Health Network.