A final list of companies that will open medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas has been released by the state, and there are two preparing to set up shop in Pine Bluff.

The city is in Zone 7, which makes up much of southeast Arkansas. There are eight zones in all; four dispensaries will be located in each zone.

Those companies that made application in more than one zone and were listed among the top four in multiple zones had to choose a single zone, allowing other companies that scored lower to move up the list. The Alcohol Beverage Control division has now notified all of those companies who were moved up the list and is awaiting bond and licensing fees from them.

The dispensaries were chosen based on scores provided to the state Medical Marijuana Commission by outside consultant PCG. Several towns will have two dispensaries: Bentonville, Fayetteville, Hot Springs and Pine Bluff, and West Memphis will have three.

Zone 7 dispensaries include: Pain Free RX, Pine Bluff, no address given; Delta Cultivators, 5144 Hwy. 44, Helena; Pine Bluff Agriceuticals, 108 Grider Field, Pine Bluff; and Arkansas Patient Services Co., 179 Industrial Park Drive, Warren.