A Jefferson County man accused in the shooting death of another man in January told Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office investigators that he fired a gun into the floor of a house to scare the victim, who then fell over.

After being told that the victim, John Honeycutt, 55, had died of a gunshot wound to the chest, Cameron Jones, 37, also known as “Lion,” told investigators he “did not point the gun at anything and asked if it was possible that he could not remember shooting Honeycutt.”

Jones also told investigators that when Honeycutt fell over, he thought the man was suffering from a heart attack.

Jones appeared in Jefferson County District Court Friday, where District Judge Kim Bridgforth set a $250,000 cash-only bond after ruling prosecutors have probable cause to charge him with first-degree murder, theft of a credit card, being a felon in possession of a firearm and abuse of a corpse.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Investigator Johnathan Powell said in a probable cause affidavit that was presented in court that the Sheriff’s Office received information that Honeycutt was missing on Jan. 11. The following day, they spoke to a person who said that Jones had asked to borrow his truck and trailer to move some items from a house on Old Warren Road, which was Honeycutt’s residence, to storage.

The witness said that when he got there, Jones and two other people, including his niece, were there, and he told investigators the niece had information relating to Honeycutt’s disappearance.

When she was interviewed, the niece said she had been at the house with Jones and Honeycutt on Jan. 6, adding that when she was leaving, she heard a single gunshot. She said she later asked Jones about it, and he said he fired a shot to scare Honeycutt. She also said Jones has been known to carry a silver revolver.

A second person told investigators that on Jan. 6, he had gone to a Simmons Bank ATM in Watson Chapel with Jones and withdrawn approximately $600 using Honeycutt’s debit card. He said Jones had the PIN number for the account. Two days later, he said Jones ask him to help move some items from the house on Old Warren Road and, while there, Jones complained that his shoulder was sore “from dragging 140 pounds out into the woods.”

On Jan. 14, investigators received information that led them to Honeycutt’s wallet, which was found in a wooded area in Star City. The wallet contained an Arkansas driver’s license issued to Honeycutt, a social security card, debit Mastercard, insurance card and other items. The person who provided the information also said that he had been in the vehicle belonging to Honeycutt, which Jones had told people he bought, when he saw a bullet in the glove compartment.

Jones said it was the bullet used to kill Honeycutt.

Regarding the wallet in Star City, the man said on Jan. 14 that they were in the vehicle when they were stopped by a Star City Police officer, and Jones put the wallet, a blood sugar kit and a bag of methamphetamine in the man’s pocket. The man said he later threw the wallet and blood sugar kit into the woods.

That same day, investigators spoke to another person in Star City who said Jones attempted to sell him a silver .38-special revolver, and the man said he kept the gun because he believed Jones had stolen property from him. He turned the gun over to investigators, who later determined that the gun had been reported stolen in Pine Bluff.

On Jan. 17, Jones, who was being held in the Lincoln County jail on unrelated charges, reached out to investigators and told them he would lead them to Honeycutt’s body, then directed them to a field off Highway 54 in Cleveland County, where the body was found wrapped in a plastic shower curtain.

During his second interview with investigators, Jones confirmed that he and Honeycutt were the only people left at the house after the female left; he also confirmed that he had fired a pistol just before Honeycutt’s death.