Paul Vitale, founder of Vital Communications Inc., recently visited Dollarway High School where he spoke to 11th and 12 graders about the fundamentals of the workforce and industry.

Vitale, a nationally known speaker, also discussed essential skills for the workplace, according to a news release.

Students were captivated by Vitale’s presentation as he discussed how he was not a top performing high school student, however he was not deterred from completing his college degree. Obtaining an education gives one a chance to go further.

Vitale said told students that people are willing to invest in them, even if they aren’t the best, as long as they have a good work ethic, according to the release.

“Show up, connect with people, be proud of who you are, but walk in humility,” he said.

Vitale reflected on how being a single-dad to an 8-year old daughter helped to shape who he is as an adult and reinforces the belief that one should always be kind and show respect to others, according to the release.

“Be brave and take the high road, because there are already enough people on the low road…money is not the answer—money is just money,” he said.

Students nodded in agreement and applauded.

“Mr. Vitale encouraged students to believe in their potential, follow their faith and to remember that it’s never too late to change and start over,” according to the release.