Formal charges have been filed against a Pine Bluff man accused of shooting another man to death in December.

Prosecuting Attorney S. Kyle Hunter charged Daryl Broady, 26, with first-degree murder and with being a felon in possession of a firearm stemming from the Dec. 17 shooting death of Brandy Crutchfield, 29, who was shot on the parking lot of the Pine Terrace Apartments at 2601 S. Olive St. and pronounced dead at the scene.

Broady, who is a convicted felon, was arrested at the scene and made his first court appearance in Jefferson County District Court on Dec. 20. At that hearing, Judge Kim Bridgforth set a $250,000 bond for Broady, the same amount that is set in the formal charging paperwork.

According to a probable cause affidavit from Pine Bluff Detective Ryan Moheb that was presented at the hearing, police dispatchers told officers on the way to the scene that Broady was the suspect and gave them a description. When officers arrived, he complied with their orders to put the gun he was holding down on the ground and got on the ground himself.

Multiple spent .40-caliber and nine-millimeter shell casings were found on the parking lot. Officers also recovered a silver .40-caliber handgun and a black nine-millimeter handgun.

Video footage from the apartments showed Broady and Crutchfield arriving separately at the complex. Crutchfield appeared much smaller than Broady, and the video showed the two appearing to argue. As the argument continued, Broady and Crutchfield walked to the side of Broady’s vehicle, and Crutchfield was heard telling Broady to stop pushing and touching him.

Broady’s vehicle was seen shaking, and as Crutchfield came around from the rear of the vehicle, Broady was seen holding Crutchfield’s jacket as Crutchfield held a black handgun down at his side. Broady was seen pushing Crutchfield, stepping back, brandishing a silver handgun and shooting Crutchfield five times. As Crutchfield fell to the ground, he fired five shots.

Additional video showed that when Crutchfield fell on his stomach, he lost possession of his handgun and it appeared to be out of arm’s reach. Broady stepped around to the back of the vehicle and shot Crutchfield twice more while Crutchfield was on his stomach, then fired approximately eight more times as Crutchfield appeared to be making an attempt to crawl away.

Before officers arrived, Broady could be heard yelling for someone to call police because Crutchfield had tried to rob him. Broady was heard to say: “I’m gonna do my time and get up out of here.”

He was also seen kicking both guns away as police approached.

Broady was not questioned after he asked for an attorney.