The February meeting of the Bess Jenkins Club hosted guest speaker Laura Drinkwater, a dietitian for Jefferson Regional Medical Center.

Drinkwater shared tips for heart health as part of February’s observance of Heart Health Month.

“Recommendations include making half of your plate fruits and vegetables, increasing fiber by consumption of whole grains, limiting sodium, and increasing potassium to lower blood pressure,” according to a news release.

She also recommended limiting saturated fats and including lean poultry, fish, cheese and yogurt as part of a heart healthy diet.

“Everyone should include healthy fats such as avocados, olives, walnuts and vegetable oils, also include foods rich in Omega 3’s. Checking food labels for the heart-check symbol is a good practice,” according to the release. “A favorite food on the healthy food list is dark chocolate, a powerful antioxidant and everyone’s favorite.”

After the program, Bess Jenkins Club hostesses Helen Campbell, Jeanette McGrew and JoAnn Clemons served chocolate cake for dessert.

The next meeting is March 13 with Pam Ratliff, Ann Thompson, and Barbara Joseph as hostesses.