Daylight Saving time begins Sunday, March 10, and residents are reminded that clocks will go forward at 2 a.m.

Most clocks, digital watches and smartphones will change automatically to reflect the new time, but if residents have an analogue clock, they should set a reminder to turn the clock forward an hour, according to the Pine Bluff Fire & Emergency Services Department.

“Pine Bluff Fire & Emergency Services would like to remind you it is a good time to change smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries and check to make sure those devices are in working order,” according to a news release.

If residents live in the city limits of Pine Bluff and don’t have a working smoke detector, Pine Bluff Fire & Emergency Services will provide one free. Residents should call 870-730-2048 to request a smoke detector.

“The American Red Cross has partnered with Pine Bluff Fire & Emergency Services by providing 10-year maintenance free smoke alarms, which require no battery changes. This new type of alarm is now being installed in the homes of residences of Pine Bluff. A time will be set and members of the fire department will come to your residence and install a smoke detector in your home. Also at this time, a home survey is offered,” according to the release.

In addition, the fire department also offers an address program by providing reflective, adhesive, numbers for houses and will install them if one’s home doesn’t have a visible address. This service can help insure a more certain response in case the resident needs emergency services.

The department also offers free blood pressure checks at local fire stations.