Construction of the park located at 601 Main Street is nearing completion. The park will be used for several different things, including as a community gathering spot for special events, according to Larry Matthews, director of the Pine Bluff Department of Economic and Community Development.

“It will be used for lectures, for political events, music,” Matthews said.

“We will also recognize individuals from the past who have helped Pine Bluff. We will have hangers on the wall where we can have information on residents from the past who have helped Pine Bluff, as well as use it to complement the library and the streetscape. It will be a stop off resting point for people to read information on Pine Bluff and the individuals in the past who have helped the city.”

Once construction is finalized, a ribbon cutting ceremony will be held to officially open the park. An exact opening date has not been set.

“Once we are finished with everything we will coordinate a ribbon cutting ceremony through the mayor’s office,” Matthews said. “We would like to have some live music when we do it, as well as all of the dignitaries so we can make it a festive atmosphere.”

The park is just one of several major projects currently underway downtown.

Across the street from the park is the construction site of the new Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Library. And just to the north of the park is the old Hotel Pines, which will soon be renovated by a group of private investors.