The Strong Company Inc. of Pine Bluff recently celebrated its 60th anniversary with a reception at the Pine Bluff Country Club.

Speakers included Mayor Shirley Washington, who proclaimed March 7, 2019, “Strong Company Day” at Pine Bluff, David Beck of First Arkansas Insurance, and the Strong Company’s president, Tim DeJarnette. Also, Gov. Asa Hutchinson sent a letter recognizing the company’s achievements, according to a news release.

Participants also included Genevieve Strong (wife of the late William A. “Bill” Strong Sr., the company,’s founder) as well as their children, Annette Kline, Betty Jane Strong, and Bill Strong Jr., according to the release.

Guests came from Pine Bluff, Jefferson County and elsewhere to celebrate with the Strong family.

The Strong Company was founded in 1959 by William A. Strong Sr. The agency specializes in precast concrete panels and lightweight concrete, according to the release.

“Utilizing raw materials such as vermiculite, perlite, and cement binders, Strong diversified over the next 60 years, developing specialized cementitious products and patented application equipment to meet a variety of construction challenges. In 1989, Mr. Strong developed a system for the rehabilitation of manholes and other sanitary sewer structures that revolutionized the industry which he dubbed the Strong-Seal System. During his career, Mr. Strong was awarded 10 patents and was considered an industry leader and innovator in every market where Strong products were sold,” according to the release.

Currently, the Strong Company offers programs for the in-ground vinyl pool market, roof substrate repairs, above-ground steel fuel storage tank insulation, sanitary sewer structure rehabilitation, stormwater pipe lining, and cementitious grouting.

“While the Strong Company uses raw materials from around the world, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Brazil, and Croatia, we are proud to blend and package all of our materials at our state-of-the-art facilities in Pine Bluff, AR,” according to the release.

The agency is also involved with various charities and the community.