The warmer temperatures often bring scammers who try to sell products door-to-door. The Arkansas Attorney General’s office regularly receives complaints about door-to-door salespeople using scare tactics and violations of the Home Solicitations Sales Act to sell home alarm systems.

“The Arkansas Home Solicitations Sales Act provides important protections for consumers,” Attorney General Leslie Rutledge said in a news release. “High pressure sales tactics, misrepresentations of products and failure to provide a copy of the contract are just some of the common illegal practices utilized by door-to-door salespeople. My office is here to educate Arkansans about their rights and to fight for consumers when a business violates the law.”

Rutledge provided these tips for consumers to help spot an unscrupulous door-to-door salesperson:

• Consumers have a right to review the contract outside the presence of the sales agent and cancel the contract without obligation within three days of the home solicitation sale. The sales agent must provide the consumer written notice of this right to cancel along with the proposed contract.

• High-pressure tactics are rarely employed by companies whose business depends on providing quality customer service. A legitimate company will allow consumers to weigh options and will review with the consumer the details of the sale and features of the product or service.

• The solicitor may suggest that an existing service or product needs an “upgrade,” when the salesperson actually represents a different company. This may lead a homeowner to believe the service or product must be “upgraded” to remain reliable.

• Be wary of home solicitations involving “free installation.” Homeowners may think it is a bargain, but many “free installation” offers are coupled with long-term, high-cost service contracts or other hidden costs. In the long run, the “free” offer may be the most expensive of all.

• Arkansans who may have been victimized by deceptive home solicitation sales practices are encouraged to contact the Attorney General’s office.

Details: Arkansas Attorney General’s office at, or or 800-482-8982.