Grant County deputies responded to an officer-involved shooting at around 2:42 p.m. Thursday in the area of Grant County Road 213 in Grapevine.

One person died due to injuries sustained during the incident, and a suspect was taken into custody. Additionally, one other person was injured during the disturbance. The suspect is currently in a local hospital.

No lawmen were injured. The names of those involved have not been released by law enforcement at this time.

Grant County Sheriff Ray Vance said during a press conference Thursday night that “Upon arrival, officers encountered an armed suspect and shots were fired. The suspect was wounded, and no officers were hurt. There was one fatality resulting from the original disturbance. One other citizen has been hurt as well and has been transported to the hospital. He was injured prior to our arrival.”

Vance noted that his office called the Arkansas State Police to assist in the investigation, ensuring that all laws were followed by his deputies.

“At this time, a joint investigation is currently being conducted by the Grant County Sheriff’s Office and the Arkansas State Police,” Vance said. “Officers did fire some shots. That is the reason we brought the Arkansas State Police in to conduct an investigation into the shooting, along with our internal investigation, to make sure we didn’t have any wrongdoings by any of our officers.”

Rumors of an ongoing manhunt were circulating throughout the area of the disturbance Thursday, but Vance said no manhunt was underway.

“All suspects are in custody and have been transported to medical facilities for their wounds,” Vance said. “The suspect was injured by the deputy’s gunfire. They are in the hospital being treated.”

Vance noted that this is something that rarely happens in Grant County.

“This situation is uncalled for and in a small community,” Vance said. “It is really a little sleepy neighborhood and things like this just don’t happen in Grapevine, Arkansas. It doesn’t usually happen in Grant County, Arkansas.

“We want to make sure that there are going to be no loose ends left in this, and that is the reason we asked the State Police to come in and assist in the investigation.”

Vance said that he could not share information Thursday night regarding the person who is deceased, nor could he say who killed them.

“This will all come out in our investigation as we continue,” Vance said. “We are trying to put the pieces together with the assistance of the Arkansas State Police, and we are hoping to have a definitive answer in the next few days.”