The Arkansas Department of Health regulates the sale of food at establishments which include restaurants, bars, daycares, schools, grocery stores, convenience stores, bed and breakfast facilities, hotels/motels, mobile units and concession stands. Inspections are made unannounced by environmental health specialists.

Electronic copies of retail food inspection reports are available on the Arkansas Food Inspection Portal. To access the portal, visit the food protection page on the Arkansas Department of Health website at

The following are the results of food safety inspections conducted by the Jefferson County Health Unit:

• McDonald’s, 8012 Sheridan Road, White Hall. Date of inspection into complaint March 29. No violations observed pertaining to complaint during inspection.

• Klassic Kids Day Care, 2407 S. Cherry St. Date of inspection March 25. Observed cut onions being stored in refrigerator held for more than 7 days. Ready to eat food prepared on site or opened commercial containers should be date marked if held for more than 24 hours and discarded after 7 days. Cut onions were discarded during inspection.

• Ocean’s Fish and Chicken, 2611 W. 28th Ave. Date of inspection March 25. Observed some food being stored throughout facility uncovered. All food shall be covered while being stored to protect from contamination. Observed worker not changing gloves between tasks. Single use gloves shall be used for only one task. Gloves should be discarded when damaged or soiled, when interruptions occur in the operation. This was corrected during time of inspection. Wiping cloths observed sitting out on counter tops. Wiping cloth should be kept in a proper sanitizer solution between use. Observation: Shelving and counter tops needs to be cleaned. All surfaces should be cleaned to prevent accumulation of soils. Observation: Observed trash cans containing food residue being stored uncovered while in continuous use. Trash cans containing food residue should stay covered while not in continuous use. Observation: Observed dirty floors and walls. Corrective Action: Clean the physical facilities as often as necessary to keep them clean. Observation: Floor tiles in kitchen are cracked or missing and need to be replaced. The establishment shall be in good repair.

• Sha’s Sweet, 3214 Old Warren Road. Date of inspection March 25. Observed sugar of out original container. The common name of the food, or absent a common name, an adequately descriptive identity statement. Food packaged in Retail Food Establishment, shall be labeled as specified in law. Observation: A valid permit must be posted in view of the public. Corrective Action: It is unlawful to operate a retail food establishment without a valid permit. Contact the billing office at 501- 661-2171 to ensure that you are in compliance with the law.

• Hardee’s, 2828 W. 28th Ave. Date of inspection into complaint March 22. No violations pertaining to complaint during inspection.

• Valero, 3000 E. Harding Ave. Date of Inspection March 22. Sugar in container out of its original package is not labeled and should be labeled with the common name of the food it contains. Ice bagged by establishment is not labeled and should be labeled with store information on it. Observed ice scoop being stored improperly directly on shelving. Ice scoop should be stored in a way to prevent it from contamination. Observed single use straws being stored in a cup by coffee machine. Single use straws must be stored in original package and in a manner that prevents contamination before being used. Three compartment sink is unclean and needs to be cleaned. Floors in ware washing area are unclean and need to be cleaned.

• Chef Lee, 502 Mallard Loop. Date of Inspection March 21. Critical violation during assessment. Hand wash sink was not kept accessible. Corrected during assessment. Observation: Employee was smoking in preparation area. Corrective Action: Discontinue consuming food, use of unapproved beverage containers, or use of tobacco in food preparation or ware-washing area. Hand wash sink was not easily accessible. Corrected during assessment. Did not see thermometers in all the food coolers. Keep them visible at all times. Did not see probe thermometer for checking cooking temperatures. Acquire this type of thermometer. Items at chocolate fountain area are not protected from contamination by consumers. Food on display shall be protected from contamination from consumers. Several wiping cloths laying about. Wiping cloths shall be used as intended and in compliance with Regulations pertaining to Retail Food establishment. Particle board used as work surface. Replace this with a durable, non absorbent, easily cleanable surface. Observation: No sanitizer test strips. Corrective Action: Test strips must be available and used to test the strength of chemical sanitizing solutions. Some equipment and other non food contact surfaces are visibly soiled. Clean areas that are visibly soiled as soon as it’s noticed.

• Econolodge, 210 N. Blake St. Date of inspection March 21. Soap not observed in restroom hand washing sink. Soap should be available at all hand washing sinks. Paper towels or other hand drying device are not provided in the restroom hand washing sink. Paper towels or other hand washing device should be provided at all hand washing sinks. Thermometer not observed in refrigerator holding food that must stay cold. Thermometer is needed in the refrigerator. Single use straws observed being stored open and not protected from contamination. Single use straws should be stored in a manner to keep them protected from contamination until being used. No test strips are available in establishment. Test strips must be available and used to test the strength of chemical sanitizing solutions. Only two sinks noted in the kitchen area during inspection. A sink with at least 3 compartments should be provided to manually wash, rinse, and sanitize equipment and utensils.