Just hours before a second suspect who was sought in the Friday shooting death of Detric Releford turned himself in to police, officers responded to another shooting that resulted in the death of a Pine Bluff man.

Clifton McDowell, 24, was found lying in the street Monday with gunshot wounds and was taken to Jefferson Regional Medical Center, where he died in surgery. The death was the 11th of the year inside the city limits. No suspects have been arrested, and no motive has been identified.

The shooting occurred in the area of Iris Street and Howard Drive, a short distance from the site where officers found the body of Terry Smith, 64, inside a vehicle on March 29. Smith’s case is still under investigation and, so far, no arrests have been made.

Regarding the death of Releford, Javon Lowe, who was identified as the boyfriend of Emaiahrea Johnson, surrendered at 3:45 p.m., and after questioning was taken to the adult detention center where he and Johnson will be held pending the filing of formal charges of capital murder and aggravated robbery.

Johnson was arrested Monday afternoon.

Releford, 22, was found lying in the street at 26th Avenue and Orange Street and was pronounced dead at the scene. Deputy Coroner Jason Duren listed the cause of death as gunshot wounds to the chest and back of the head.

According to a probable cause affidavit from Detective Ryan Moheb, a witness has video footage of the incident that shows a white Lincoln Town Car with missing rim caps park near the intersection, along with a male who is wearing a red hoodie. That man was later identified as Lowe. The video shows him getting out of the car, which then drove west on 26th Avenue. The video also shows Lowe standing near the intersection as Releford approached him.

The two met at the intersection and appeared to talk to each other. After approximately 16 seconds, Lowe fired four shots at Releford, who was struck at least once. A physical altercation followed between the two, and both fell to the ground. Lowe was attempting to take a hip pack, which was later determined to contain money, from Releford.

Moheb reported that Releford got up and attempted to run, going east on 26th Avenue. Lowe walked toward Releford and fired two more shots, and Releford dropped to the ground after the first shot.

Lowe waved his arm in the air and ran north on Orange Street. After about eight seconds, the white Lincoln Town Car returned to the area and stopped on 26th Avenue for about three seconds before heading west on 26th Avenue.

A second witness also contacted police and reported that they heard two people fighting and looked outside to see Lowe and Releford involved in an altercation. The witness reported hearing two gunshots and saw them fighting over the gun. The witness also said they saw Lowe fire two shots at Releford.

The witness further reported seeing Johnson pull up in a white passenger car near Johnson’s mother’s house and saw Lowe get in the vehicle before it drove away. The witness said Johnson’s father owned the car, a white Lincoln Town Car, before he died and had given it to Johnson. The witness also said Johnson was the only one who drove the car.

The witness said he did not know Releford personally and only knew of Lowe and was not related to either of them. The witness was shown a six-person photo lineup and identified Lowe as the shooter and Johnson as “the get-away driver.”

When Johnson was interviewed by Moheb, she admitted dropping Lowe off at the intersection of 26th Avenue and Orange Street and said he was wearing a red hoodie but denied him returning to her vehicle.

When Lowe was interviewed, he denied any involvement in the incident.

Both Lowe and Johnson will be held without bond and, if convicted of capital murder, would be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole of death by lethal injection.

Johnson said in court Tuesday she would hire her own attorney, and the Public Defender’s Office was appointed to represent Lowe.

The death of Releford was the 10th homicide so far this year inside the Pine Bluff city limits.