A proposed ordinance that will set out guidelines for the disposal of used tires in Pine Bluff will be up for its first reading when the City Council meets at 5:30 p.m. Monday.

Among other things, the proposed ordinance will require that those who deal in used tires have a dumpster or other approved container to store the tires, and each tire must have an identifying mark unique to the person’s business. That mark must be registered or recorded with the Code Enforcement Office and of a size that they can be easily visible.

The proposed ordinance is sponsored by all three members of the Development and Planning Committee, made up of council members Joni Alexander, Win Trafford and Glen Brown Jr. It says that the city is plagued by the improper disposal of tires, which often are thrown into ditches or vacant lots, becoming eyesores and nesting places for mosquitoes and other insects and vermin.

While there are existing federal and state laws and regulations dealing with the proper storage, recycling and disposal of used tires, the proposed ordinance says it is better designed to addresses local matters that are unlawful, such as failing to have a storage facility for the used tires, failing to mark them, and failing to maintain records of how the tires are disposed of and making those records available to city inspectors.

Persons convicted of violating the ordinance would be fined from $250 to $1,000 and ordered to dispose of the tires in compliance with state and federal laws and pay the costs of that disposal.

Also on Monday, the second reading of a proposed ordinance dealing with prohibiting inquiries into a city job applicant's criminal history on an initial employment form is scheduled. The proposed ordinance says that the current application, which includes a box to indicate whether the applicant has a criminal record, is viewed as an obstacle to people attempting to re-enter the workforce.

It goes on to say that “It is the desire of the City Council of the City of Pine Bluff not to exclude applicants solely on an applicant’s felony conviction.”

The proposed ordinance says that criminal background checks may be conducted on people seeking initial employment, as well as those who are finalists for promotion, lateral movement or demotions. Background checks will be conducted on applicants for the Police Department, Fire and Emergency Services Department, Animal Control, any department that provides programs, services or direct care to minors or vulnerable adults and any applicants for departments having access to city funds.

Up for the first reading Monday is a proposed ordinance from Council member Ivan Whitfield that would require that competitive bidding take place when hiring private contractors to raze and remove structures that have been declared public nuisances.

As a part of the proposed ordinance, a Code Enforcement officer will be required to inspect and approve all work performed by a contractor hired to tear down a structure to ensure that all the work performed is in compliance with the terms of the contract.

A proposed ordinance to rezone properties at 550 and 604 W. 46th Ave. from residential to neighborhood business is also scheduled for a first reading. The rezoning was previously approved by the Pine Bluff Planning Commission during a meeting in March.

A resolution approving the settlement of a lawsuit filed against the city and three police officers and appropriating money to pay the city’s share is also on the agenda.

Michael and Sherrice Robinson filed the lawsuit in 2017 against officers Julie Hillard, Jason Boykin and Billy Bradley. According to the resolution, the city has determined that settling the suit is the best course of economic action.

Under terms of the settlement, Michael Robinson and his attorney will receive $15,000, and Sherrice Robinson and her attorney will receive $25,000.

The Arkansas Municipal League will pay 90 percent of that settlement, or $36,000, leaving the city’s share at $4,000 which will come from undesignated funds.

Other items on the agenda Monday include:

• A resolution appointing Floyd Lelan Stice to the Advertising and Promotion Commission. He will serve until April 30, 2023.

• Resolution declaring certain houses, buildings or structures as nuisances and ordering their abatement and a resolution placing the costs of correcting certain nuisances on the tax books as delinquent taxes.