The Jefferson County Master Gardeners’ monthly meeting was held April 8 at the Jefferson County Cooperation Extension Service.

President David Hall called the meeting to order and turned it over to the new President Gary Gray. The group said the Pledge of Allegiance and the Rev. Edna Morgan led them in prayer.

Secretary Billie Dorn presented the minutes from the March meeting and Treasurer Linda Power gave the treasurer’s report.

Linda Soffer announced the County 76 Quarterly Membership Meeting would be in the Little Rock State Office, April 17-22, via Zoom. Organizers give updates, share horticulture issues and answer questions.

The MG Calendar Photo Contest is ongoing. MGs may submit up to four photos, one for each season, to Mike Wilbanks at The deadline for submission is June 15.

The calendar list of MG activities and events are open to the public such as plant sales. There are plant sales every weekend from now through mid-May. Some that are close are Drew County and Garland County on April 27.

Kurt Beaty, MG agent, stated that on April 22 they were going to have a salsa planting with the youth. Pia Woods, Extension Service staff chair and county agent, conducted the installation of the new officers.

Officers are Gary Gray (president), Maxine Graves (vice president), Miriam Lester (secretary), Linda Power (treasurer), Susan Buckner (assistant treasurer) and committee chairs Gail Sales (hospitality), Dot Hart (hospitality) and Bettye Johnson (publicity.)

Susan Buckner gave a progress report on how the planting of seeds and trees are going in preparation for June 1 plant sale.

On April 24, plant slips should be arriving. On April 25, at 9 a.m., she will be needing some additional help to get those slips and more seeds planted.

Pots were made available during the meeting for the Master Gardeners to pot plants and bring for the sale. Needed are vegetables, herbs, flowers, etc.

New members have to complete the initial training class. Usually 20 or more are needed to have a class. Now with the training on a flash drive, it can it be held in smaller numbers and/or more often.

Mayor Shirley Washington has asked for assistance from the Master Gardeners in each of the four city wards. The city currently is in the process of tearing down houses. She wants ideas/assistance in ways to beautify the vacant lots.

A committee was set up to address the request from the mayor. The new community garden has gotten off to a good start.

Bettye Johnson, program chairwoman, discussed the Adopt a Spot Highway program. At the next meeting, the group will have a presentation from District Two District Engineer, Deric Wyatt, with the Arkansas Department of Transportation. This program and other projects will be covered during the presentation.

Cooley stated that she is currently working with the fairgrounds to plant wildflowers after it is burned off. Linda Power and Gail Sales will gather the information and specifics, so that the Master Gardners can decide if a project is possible.

It was also suggested by Kurt Beaty that the Master Gardeners be part of the fair this year. President Gray thanked the Hostess Committee and the Hostesses for the treats brought. The next meeting will be at 9:30 a.m. Monday, May 6.