Six advanced students from Pine Bluff School District’s Belair Academy recently attended Southeast Arkansas College’s annual College Preview Day (aka Fabulous Friday.)

Field trip chaperons were Eric Elders, Belair Academy administrator, and Michaela Howard, teacher.

“Belair Academy challenges scholars in a non-traditional school environment to reach success by providing scholars with opportunities that inspires them to become successful scholars and citizens,” according to a news release.

Elders stated that many of the students were excited about the opportunity to receive Certificate of Scholarship Vouchers at the SEARK event. Belair students were asked what they learned most from SEARK’s Fabulous Friday.

“Without a struggle there is no progress, so this is an opportunity to help me get prepared for any struggle,” Adrian Graydon Jr. said.

Artiea Allen discussed further education.

“Even though a high school diploma alone won’t be enough, a quality education doesn’t always have to come at a high price,” Allen said.

Others said their lives improved after attending Belair Academy and opportunities like this was just one of many things that helped them to make positive changes academically and individually.