The Pine Bluff City Council on Monday will hear the first reading of a proposed ordinance to annex a section of land that is the proposed site of the Saracen Casino and Resort into the city. The meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. in council chambers.

A portion of the land for the proposed casino is already in the city limits and, according to the proposed ordinance, the Jefferson County Clerk has certified that a majority of the property owners in the area signed a petition calling for the annexation of the rest. In addition, the time to appeal the petition has expired and no appeal has been made.

When annexed, the area will be placed in Ward One.

Up for its final reading is a proposed ordinance that will remove a box on the city’s application process that indicates whether or not the applicant has been convicted of a felony, something the city says is an “obstacle to people attempting to reenter the work force.”

The city may still conduct criminal background checks to verify eligibility for employment for prospective employees and current staff members who are finalists for promotion and/or lateral movement within the city.

Up for a second reading is a proposed ordinance dealing with the storage, recycling and disposal of tires which drew opposition from Council member Steven Mays during the final meeting in April.

Among other things, the proposed ordinance requires that persons whose business involves the sale, recycling or disposal of tires must have a dumpster or other approved container on the premises and must mark each tire with an identifying mark that would be exclusive to that business.

The proposal goes on to say that it is designed to supplement existing federal and state laws concerning the recycling and disposal of tires and waste tires.

Up for a first reading is a proposed ordinance dealing with advertising signs, particularly signs on vehicles and or trailers, and the necessity of a permit for all signs, whether permanent or temporary. Among the provisions of the ordinance, amends the current ordinance is section that prohibits placing signs on vehicles and trailers which are parked at particular locations only for the purpose of displaying those signs.

During a meeting of the development and planning committee Wednesday, that provision was explained as trailers that in previous years were parked at intersections supporting particular political candidates which remained in the same location for extended periods of time.

Other items on the agenda Monday include:* A resolution adopting the Pine Bluff Transit Title VI program* A resolution supporting the Pine Bluff National Tenpoint Pen or Pencil Expansion Hub.* A resolution authorizing the mayor to contract with McClellan Consulting Engineers to provide design work for planned work on the 28th Street Overpass.* A resolution appointing Carolyn Jackson to the Pine Bluff Planning Commission.* A resolution appointing Debe Hollingsworth to the Civic Auditorium Commission.