Several golfers who play at the Jaycee Golf Course addressed the Pine Bluff City Council’s Public Works Committee recently to discuss items that are in disrepair at the course.

The items include a clogged culvert at the number two fairway ditch that does not drain. The culvert needs to be cleaned out and retrenched for proper drainage.

There is also a water leak in the ditch behind the number four green that has been active for several years. The ditch is full of leaves and needs to be cleaned out and dressed. It is considered a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The ditch on the number six fairway also needs to be cleaned out, and there is a hole that needs to be filled in for safety reasons.

It was noted at the meeting on Tuesday that an Arkansas Department of Correction regional maintenance crew could do all of the work in return for lunch – a move that would save the city a considerable amount of money and prevent the need for seeking contractor bids. The committee decided to put in a work order with the Department of Correction to have the work done.

The golf course also has a section of the number seven golf cart path that has broken off and become a major safety issue to cart operators. The committee discussed having concrete work done in this area.

The golf course is also needing a mower to keep the course and fairways cut. There is a gang mower on the property, but it is not functional. The committee decided to see if the current mower can be fixed. If it is irreparable, they will then look into the option of replacing it.

Tee boxes are also needing to be marked and displayed and will be handled by the Pine Bluff Parks and Recreation Department.

The full City Council must approve any measures before they can begin. The next City Council meeting is set for May 20.