The Pine Bluff City Council on Monday is expected to consider a proposed ordinance dealing with waste, discarded and abandoned tires within the city limits when they meet at 5:30 p.m.

Up for the third and final reading is the proposed ordinance, which would, among other things, require businesses and individuals that deal in tires to maintain a dumpster or other approved container for the storage and disposal of waste or discarded tires.

The ordinance would also require tire dealers to mark each tire that is being recycled or disposed of with a symbol. The mark would be registered with the Code Enforcement Division and must be of a size to ensure durability.

The proposed ordinance is sponsored by Council members Lloyd Holcomb Jr., Win Trafford, Glen Brown Jr. and Joni Alexander and is meant to supplement existing state and federal regulations, which address the proper storage, recycling and disposal of tires.

Up for a second reading is a proposed ordinance requiring the use of competitive bidding to raze and remove structures declared as public nuisances if they are receiving or accepting funds from the city.

The proposed ordinance, sponsored by Council member Ivan Whitfield, would also prohibit agencies or boards that decline to commit to the process of competitive bidding from removing nuisance structures.

Also up for a second reading is a proposed ordinance changing the license and occupation tax fee structure for rental or leased property. The proposed ordinance would eliminate exemptions for three or fewer units of an apartment complex or business and commercial property.

It would also eliminate exemptions for owners repairing three or fewer housing units, excluding an owner’s personal residence and set a uniform rate of $10 per house, $20 per duplex and $30 per triplex without limitations.

Up for a first reading is a proposed ordinance that will waive competitive bidding and allow Mayor Shirley Washington to contract with McClelland Consulting Engineers to provide services for a Safe Route to Schools project on the north side of Pine Bluff.

The project involves the construction of sidewalks, driveways, concrete curbs and subsurface draining improvements on N. Willow St., N. Palm St., N. Havis St. and King Street. McClelland would be paid $30,000 for the consulting work.

Redstone Construction Group submitted the lowest of six bids on the project and a resolution authorizing the mayor to contract with the company to do the work is also on the agenda. The company bid $249,847.25 on the project.

The city has received a grant from the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department for the project. The total project is expected to cost $221,000, and the grant received was for $171,000, leaving the city with an additional $50,000 that will be needed. A resolution appropriating that amount is also to be considered Monday.

Another resolution on the agenda would temporarily block Taft Street from West Short 3rd Ave. to West 6th Avenue in an effort to curb illegal dumping and allow the area to be cleaned up.

A resolution expressing the thanks of the city to the Black Pilots Association for the 22nd annual “Fly-In” at the Grider Field Airport is also on the agenda, as is a resolution authorizing the Police Department to use the former Fire Station No. 3 at 30th Avenue and Ash Street as a police substation to house the Violent Crimes Unit.

According to the resolution, police statistics have identified the area as a high crime area and housing the Violent Crimes Unit at the former fire station will “place them in close proximity to this community to help maintain the safety of residents and their property, give the police department a greater presence in the community and enhance their capacity to communicate successfully with the citizens on the area.”