Several students in the Watson Chapel School District were recently recognized during the 47th annual Wildcat Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) Battalion awards program at the White Hall Reserve Center.

Nadiya Bowman, a sophomore, highlighted the list of recipients by gathering three individual honors – the Daughters of the American Revolution Award, the Non-commissioned Officers Association Award and the Academic Excellence Award for second-year cadets.

Colby Wilson, a junior who holds the rank as lieutenant colonel in the JROTC program, was named the Battalion Commander for the 2019-2020 school year. He also earned the Watson Chapel JROTC Country Award.

Eight other students received two awards each. They are Martya Jones, Jakavia Bell, Aalazha Royal, Akalah Burns, Daniel Moore, Adareus Lewis, Taniya Trotter and Jayla Johnson.

Jones, a junior, claimed awards for the United States Daughters of the War of 1812 and the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Bell, a junior, received the Superior Cadet Award and the Academic Excellence Award for third-year cadets.

Burns, an honor graduate, received the Military Officers Association of America Scholarship and the Leadership Award for four-year cadets.

Royal, an honor graduate, garnered awards for the Military Order of Foreign Wars-Silver Medal for Academics and the Tiffany Burns Memorial Scholarship.

Moore, a junior, collected the American Legion Scholastic Excellence Award and the Best Company First Sergeant Award. Lewis, an honor graduate, received the Distinguished Cadet Award for Top Grade Point Average and the Academic Excellence Award for a four-year cadet.

Trotter, a ninth grader, received the JROTC Duty Award and the Academic Excellence Award for first-year cadets. Johnson, who is also a ninth grader, collected the Arkansas Army National Guard Award and the Leadership Award for a first-year cadet. Thurman Shaw, a sophomore, gathered the Arkansas Army National Guard Award and Cadet of the Year Award for second-year JROTC participants.

Other award recipients were Sieria Wright (Sons of the American Revolution), Zoe Urquhart (Daughters of the American Colonists), Ja’niya Shaw (Military Order of World Wars), Antonia Campos (Reserve Officers Association Award), Da’naijah Turner (The Retired Enlisted Association Award), Jordan Thomas-Frazier (American Legion Military Excellence), Cole Parker (The Military Officers Association of America), Madison McGann (Special Forces Award), Pascha West (American Veterans Award), Mya Williams (Association of the United States Army), Keelan Dean (The Military Order of Foreign Wars-Bronze Medal for Leadership), Makhielyia Johnson and Augustus Weaver (Best Company Commander Plaque), Carnell Greenlaw (JROTC Honor Award) and Robin Collins (Battalion Commander’s Plaque).

Alayanna Peters, Makhaitlin Jackson (Leadership Award 10th-11th grade), Ethan Johnson, Bri’Asia Giles and Destiny Kilgore (Superior Cadet Award 9th, 10th, 12th grade). Kilgore and Lewis received the Chasity Cannady Memorial Award which is given annually to a JROTC senior cadet who demonstrates the utmost qualities of selfless service, determination and respect.

The JROTC program is under the guidance and instruction of Sgt. First Class Jimmy Stocker.

— Carl Whimper is a college and career coach at Watson Chapel High School.