A proposed ordinance to modify license and occupation taxes pertaining to rental and leased properties is scheduled to be read for the third and final time at the Pine Bluff City Council Monday at 5:30 p.m.

Specifically, the proposed ordinance eliminates a previous exemption that applied to three or fewer apartment units offered for rent or lease and three or fewer business or commercial properties offered for or rent or lease. The proposed ordinance also establishes a uniform rate for repairs done by the owner of properties and again eliminates an exemption that previously existed for three or fewer structures.

Because the deadline to pay occupation taxes is July 1, the ordinance carries an emergency clause; if adopted, it will go into effect immediately.

Also up for a third reading is a proposed ordinance dealing with advertising signs and includes a provision that prohibits signs placed on vehicles or trailers parked or located primarily for the purpose of displaying the signs. This section is aimed at politically related signs that were placed on the sides of trailers and parked at major intersections.

The proposed ordinance also provides for the necessity of a permit for temporary signs, which may be used no more than 21 days before an event and must be removed within 7 days after an event.

A third proposed ordinance, also up for the third and final reading, requires the use of competitive bidding and private contractors to remove structures declared to be public nuisances. The Code Enforcement Department is designated as the custodian of all records and files generated in the process of inspection, notification, implementation of city codes and the like.

The proposed ordinance also provides that a Code Enforcement Officer must inspect and approve all work done by a contractor to raze and remove a nuisance structure.

Also on the agenda is a proposed resolution that recognizes employees of the Urban Renewal Agency as regular employees of the city and designates them as being eligible to participate in the city’s non-uniformed pension plan.

Other items on the agenda include:

• A resolution designating the Development and Planning Committee as the appropriate committee to review code enforcement legislation.

• A resolution implementing a first responder home buyers incentive program.

• A resolution approving the Regional Park sport and park plans and activities, including designating $225,000 from revenue from the five-eighths cent sales tax to be used for paddle boats, a stationary dock, life jackets and other necessities to spur recreation on Lake Saracen. It also includes upgrades to the splash pad, with the addition of water spout features, such as but not limited to animal-like water spouts, waterfalls and splash buckets.