Willing Workers of White Hall’s Extension Homemakers Club met May 28 at the White Hall Library.

Elizabeth Wall presented the program on “Credit Report and Credit Score (What they are and why they matter?)” She passed out several handouts on the subject including, A Consumer Action Handbook, Member Handout from the Jefferson County EHC Leader Training, and four handouts from the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. She told members to monitor their credit report.

Beware of copycat sites. Consumers are entitled to a free annual report from each of the three credit reporting companies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Wall said one’s credit report is free, but they must purchase information about their credit score, according to the presentation.

Wall explained about understanding the scoring system and recommended people set short-term and longer-term financial goals. People should write them down and place them where they can see the goals often. She offered several ways to manage debt wisely such as make more than the minimum monthly payment on credit cards or pay the balance in full every month.

Wall said people can make credit work for them and offered the following tips:

• People should monitor their credit report by checking their free annual report every four months.

• Check the credit score as needed such as when shopping for a loan.

• Understand the components that impact the credit score and use them to build the score.

• People should determine their personal goals and use money and other resources to meet the goals.

• Keep a close eye on debt and have a good management plan.

Also during the meeting, President Karen Needler welcomed everyone and Ellen Bauer read the Thought of the month: “Never give your credit card number over the phone unless you made the call.”

Vice President Sarah Payton led members in the Homemaker’s Creed. Kathy Wilson read the inspiration from Romans 13:8. Wall read the Handy Hint: “Do not carry your Social Security Card in your wallet. Use a metal wallet to carry your credit cards.”

Peggie Barbaree, secretary, called the roll with members answering the question “Do you know your credit score?” Members present were: Needler, Payton, Dee Kindrick, Catherine Atkinson, Jo Ann Carr, Barbaree, Bauer, Wall, Marnette Reed, Penny Scholes and Wilson. Jay Needler was a guest.

Atkinson, nursing home chairwoman, scheduled a workshop to work on wreaths for the nursing home for Friday, June 14, at her home. Members need to bring summer flowers.

Barbaree, community service chairwoman, reported she has dolls cut out and ready to be stuffed. A workshop was scheduled for June 17 at her home to work on the dolls.

Kendrick, education chairwoman, thanked everyone who made cookies for the Memorial Day event at the White Hall Museum. The museum officials appreciated the club’s help. She also said Sam’s Restaurant appreciated the club having the recent birthday meal there.

Kindrick reported on the Monarch Butterflies and encouraged members to plant Milkweed plants as these plants are being destroyed by chemicals and the Monarch population has reduced from 1.2 million in 1997 to less than 10,000 in 2018. The Milkweed is the only thing the butterflies eat, according to a spokesman.

Payton read a story entitled “Age is a Funny Thing.”

Members had a potluck meal consisting of various sandwiches, dips, chips, crackers and many other dishes, with lemon pie and lemon bars for dessert.

Next month will be the club’s 30th anniversary and will be celebrating with a birthday cake. Any former members and future members are invited to attend.

For more information on the credit score/credit report subject or for details on Extension Homemakers, contact Mary Ann Kizer, family and consumer sciences agent at the Jefferson County Extension Office, at 534-1033.