Pine Bluff School District volunteers were recently honored at a luncheon. The theme, “Saddle Up For A VIPS Round Up! “ was reflected throughout the La France Life Center of the First United Methodist Church, according to a news release.

As volunteers entered they were regaled with Western music by the W. T. Cheney Performers, under the direction of Clem Bilgischer, and rope tricks and stunts by members of the Cowboy Church.

Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) honored award winners. The Top Volunteer for the 2018-2019 School Year is LaKesha Rivers, a parent volunteer at 34th Avenue Elementary School. The second place volunteer is Shirley Jacob, a VIPS Kutter, Belair Colorer and volunteer with special programs throughout the district. The third place volunteer is Mattie Glover, a VIPS Kutter, Belair Colorer and assistant in the VIPS Office. Accepting for Glover was her husband, Leslie J. Glover.

Brenda Washington, secretary at Southwood Elementary School, is the 2018-2019 Super Sonic Secretary of the Year.

“The cement binding the VIPS Data Collection is the school secretaries,” according to a spokesman. “VIPS partners with Sonic Drive In to recognize the Super Sonic Secretary of the Month. From that pool of winners, the Super Sonic Secretary of the Year is selected.”

Officials also presented Center Point Energy with a Certificate of Appreciation for the work they have done in the Pine Bluff School District.

“They began the school year greeting students on their return to school and have read to students at special events throughout the school year. Thanks to the men of Center Point Energy,” the spokesman said.

The district thanks all its volunteers.

“The volunteers at Pine Bluff School District come willing to work and help meet the needs of our students in all program areas,” a spokesman said. “They work cooperatively with teaching and nursing staff, administrators, choir, band and athletic directors as we strive to deliver the very best product to our students.”

“Congratulations to all of our volunteers! We extend a hearty thank you to everyone who volunteers in the Pine Bluff School District. Because you care, our students benefit,” the spokesman said.

Patricia Johnson is the coordinator of Volunteers in Public Schools in the Pine Bluff School District.