Cody Davis of Sheridan is among 13 seniors at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock who completed a senior design project.

The UA Little Rock Department of Construction Management and Civil and Construction Engineering promoted the project, according to a news release.

“Tasked with completing a structural systems design, construction cost estimate, and construction schedule for a one-year timeline, each group faced vastly different challenges in the design of their building,” according to the release.

Three teams were given the same set of architectural plans for an identical, two-story building. Each building will serve a different purpose in a different city across the U.S.

“Each team had to design their gravity load and lateral load resisting systems for different occupancies, different geotechnical conditions, and for different design loads for wind, seismic events, and snow,” said Nick Jovanovic, coordinator of the architectural, civil, and construction engineering programs. “In addition, each team had to consider local climate weather, and cost conditions to create appropriate cost estimate and construction schedules.”

Team Eads was to design an office building at St. Louis. Members include Covy Brown, Tommy Fenton, Samuel Kincannon, Palmer Lane, and Jorge Vasquez.

Team Robertson, including Morgan Bruce, Jared Eakin, Jacob Head, and Blake Johnston, designed a K-12 school in Pensacola, Florida.

Team Shreeve consisted of Cody Davis, Cody Stringer, Christian Turner, and Ben Wells. The students designed a hospital in North Dakota.

Team Shreeve came in with the highest construction cost estimate of $14.4 million to build the North Dakota hospital while Team Robertson turned in an estimate of $14.2 million for the school in Florida. The office building in St. Louis came in the least expensive at $13.3 million.

Industry sponsors from Cromwell Architects Engineers and CDI Contractors created the design challenge for the seniors.