Arkansas State University at Jonesboro named students to the Chancellor’s and Dean’s Lists for spring 2019.

The Chancellor’s List (CL) includes students who earned a grade point average of 3.80 to 4.0 and the Dean’s List (DL) includes students with a grade point average of 3.6 to 3.79.

The two lists recognize undergraduate students who achieved the highest grade point averages while enrolled in 12 or more credit hours, according to a news release.

Southeast Arkansas honorees listed by hometown include:

Casscoe, Lauren Barnett, CL, DeWitt, Caitlyn Baker, CL, DeWitt, Alex Garrison, CL, DeWitt, Randi Hestir, CL, DeWitt, Karli Rieves, CL, DeWitt, Carly Watkins, CL, DeWitt, Beth Shadwick, DL, DeWitt, Sara Thompson, DL, DeWitt, Nicholas Wright, DL, Gillett, Banks Philipp, CL, Humphrey, Taylor Gilcrease, CL, Humphrey, Erica Bradley, DL, Stuttgart, Jess Crum, CL, Stuttgart, Micah Mitchell, CL, Stuttgart, Kimberly Oliver, CL, Stuttgart, Blake Sanders, CL, Stuttgart, Madison Summers, CL, Stuttgart, Dustin Oltmann, DL,

Lake Village, Madison Hicks, DL, Lake Village, Kaitlin Hill, CL, Cleveland, Rison, Hannah Tisdale, CL, Cleveland, Rison, Austin Slater, DL, Fordyce, Kaoori Archer, CL, Fordyce, Quinton Ledbetter, CL, Dumas, Kenslee Jones, DL, Dumas, Marterria Tanner, DL, McGehee, Mary Dunn, CL, McGehee, Morgan Reeves, DL, Monticello, Alexandra Borchardt, CL, Monticello, Haley Hill, CL, Monticello, Olivia Pesaresi, CL, Monticello, V Pinkus, CL, Monticello, Sidney Sizemore, CL, Monticello, Mason Davis, DL,

Grapevine, Sierra Cottrell, CL, Grapevine, Nathanael Grimes, CL, Grapevine, Dylan Allbritton, DL, Prattsville, Ashton Archer, CL, Sheridan, Heath Alexander, CL, Sheridan, Cassie Clement, CL, Sheridan, Anna Handloser, CL, Sheridan, Sarah Michael, CL, Sheridan, Elizabeth Miller, CL, Sheridan, Logan Mitchell, CL, Sheridan, Alexandra Richardson, CL, Sheridan, Caitlyn Barnhill, DL, Sheridan, Sarah Handloser, DL, Sheridan, Mary Johnson, DL, Sheridan, Christine Thompson, DL,

White Hall, Haley Brown, CL, Jefferson, White Hall, Sara Jones, CL, Jefferson, White Hall, Bryce Moore, CL, Jefferson, White Hall, William Ragar, CL, Jefferson, White Hall, Anna Tietz, CL, Jefferson, White Hall, Henley Tucker, CL, White Hall, Sydney Zuber, CL, White Hall, Elizabeth Gillette, DL, White Hall, Leah Gillette, DL, White Hall, Leah Hendrix, CL, White Hall, Monica Joslin, DL, White Hall, Sharron Vent, DL, Pine Bluff, Megan Belvedresi, DL, Pine Bluff, Bria Jones, DL,

Dumas, Jerrison Edwards, DL, Grady, James Shipman, CL, Star City, Cassidee McGee, CL, Star City, Jaycee Merritt, CL, Star City, Curtis Shepherd, CL, and Star City, Anna Wright, CL.