Dollarway School District held a Pre-K graduation and a move-up ceremony for several students being promoted to the next grade, according to a news release.

Pre-K students at James Matthews Elementary School (JMES) wore white graduation gowns as they prepare to leave Pre-K and attend kindergarten.

“Fourth graders were happy to be recognized on their way to 5th grade (at Robert Morehead Middle School),” according to the release.

Students earned a number of certificates, trophies and other awards.

“The atmosphere at JMES was electric (recently) as parents, families and staff came together to celebrate the progress of their students,” a spokeswoman said.

“Parents beamed with joy and students were smiling from ear to ear as the ceremony marks a small milestone for many…and of course it’s one step closer to high school graduation,” she said.

The district thanked the community as well as the staff at JMES who coordinated these special events.