Dell-Cam Farms and the Dewayne Goldmon Family of the Altheimer/Pine Bluff area are the 2019 Jefferson County Farm Family of the Year, according to a newsletter from the Pine Bluff Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The Farm Family will be the guests of honor at the Chamber’s 67th Annual Farmers Appreciation Fish Fry on Thursday, Oct. 24.

“The Arkansas Farm Bureau has sponsored the Farm Family of the Year program since 1947. The program has served as a vehicle to recognize and encourage families who are doing an outstanding job on their farm and in their community. It also disseminates information on improved farm practices and management,” according to the newsletter.

Dell-Cam Farms has also been on the tour of model farms showing new technologies and practices, according to previous articles in The Commercial.

The farm has hosted the National Black Growers Council (NBGC) Model Farm Series Field Day for several years. The field day consisted of designated stations to discuss the latest agricultural technologies and their combined usage with various U.S. Department of Agriculture programs, according to previous articles.