Jason Williams, software account executive for Insight Enterprises, discussed technology careers with at-risk teenagers in the Full Circle 360 summer camp in Pine Bluff on June 17.

The Pine Bluff native let them know that following his footsteps into modern tech isn’t as daunting as it might seem, no matter how humble their roots, according to a news release.

Williams felt like he stepped into a whole new world when he entered the fast-paced, ever-evolving technology industry after college. But he hasn’t forgotten how far away that world felt before he left Pine Bluff for a higher education.

Now working in Conway as a software account executive for Insight Enterprises, a Fortune 500-ranked global technology solutions provider, Williams helps state, local and education government agencies navigate complex IT challenges. But with limited opportunities growing up, he first had to navigate his way to an industry that traditionally requires deep technical training, according to the release.

“After growing up in Pine Bluff, this community represents such a large part of me,” Williams said. “I felt drawn to Full Circle 360 because they have the same goal of making a lasting impact on these teens’ lives as I do. Each of these youngsters embodies the skills necessary to get into IT, even if the opportunities to pursue a career in technology or another field may not seem readily available to them.”

Full Circle 360’s mission as a nonprofit organization is to inspire teenagers toward promising careers and giving back to their communities. Because of his local ties, Williams enlisted five of his fellow IT experts at Insight to support the summer camp.

“The Insight team’s presentation was a great example of how we’re encouraging our teens to think like next-generation leaders and to explore a field that’s increasingly relevant to everyone,” said Alexander Price, president of Full Circle 360. “We live in a digital world where, no matter where you come from, we’re all connected by technology in some way. Whether it’s cell phones, video games or a future filled with autonomous vehicles and other smart devices, we want our young adults thinking about how they can realize its full benefits, not just personally, but professionally someday.”

Williams said the summer camp also reflects the ideals of Insight’s Reach program, which seeks to enhance children’s lives by empowering them through technology.

“We want the youth in our communities to understand that the technologies they use in their own lives are the same tools that fuel the success of the world’s largest businesses. At the heart of that is people, and it only takes a spark of imagination to connect us in ways that help us work and live smarter,” Williams said.

Williams and his Insight teammates will return to the summer camp June 24 to tell their stories to more teens.