Carolyn Harness presented the program,”The MIND Diet,” at the recent meeting of the Heart-N-Hands Extension Homemakers Club. The potluck luncheon meeting was held at the Centennial Fellowship Church at White Hall.

Harness said the MIND Diet was effective in significantly reducing dementia risks even among people who moderately followed the diet.

According to the presentation, the MIND Diet is based on research and includes foods shown to improve cognitive function. Include these 10 brain healthy foods in the MIND Diet: 1) Green leafy vegetables every day — six or more servings per week; 2) Other vegetables at least once per day; 3) Nuts every day — at least five servings of nuts or more each week; 4) Berries at least twice per week like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries for their antioxidant benefits; 5) Beans in at least four meals every week; 6) Whole grains three times per day; 7) Fish at least once per week — it’s best to choose fatty fish like salmon, sardines, trout, tuna and mackerel for their high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids that lower inflammation in the brain and have been associated with slower loss of brain function; 8) Poultry at least twice per week — chicken or turkey; 9) Olive Oil as the main cooking oil; and 10) Wine —one glass per day.

The MIND Diet recommends limiting the following: red meats, butter and stick margarine, cheese, pastries and sweets and fried or fast food.

During the Heart-N-Hands meeting, Brenda Robinson, club president, welcomed members. For Show and Tell, Tamieka Golden showed a necklace and earring set she made at a club workshop. Patsy Brown showed a cat quilt that she received. Lynda Toler showed a luminary that she made at the Arkansas Extension Homemakers State Meeting. Debbie James and Robinson showed items that they had taught at the Arkansas Extension Homemakers State Meeting. Liz Crosby brought a Yo Yo Tree picture.

Delores Kelley announced that the club had collected 1,629 food items for the Transformation Project toward the goal of 2,000 items.

Nancy Rosen, special community service chairman, stated that she and Margaret Thomas would take donations of clothes, tote bags, and drawing pads to the fourth quarter needy resident at the Villages of Baptist Health Care West.

Robinson thanked members who participated in club, county, and state activities. Recently, members attended the Extension Homemakers state meeting at Hot Springs. The attendees learned crafts, went on tours and took classes. Robinson, James, and Herrin taught craft classes.

During the Awards Ceremony, Rosen received a first place certificate and check for the Heart-N-Hands project book that she had submitted. Robinson, Kelley, Jody Stout, James, Herrin, Richardson, Rosen, Vivian Gerlach, Carolyn Harness, Sandy Smith, and Lynda Toler attended from Heart-N-Hands.

Toler taught a Jewelry (beading) Workshop to the club. Participants made necklaces, bracelets , and earrings using beads. Those attending were: Smith, James, Brown, Richardson, Cathy Lewis, Rosen, Gerlach, Loretta Jordan, Terri Jordan, Tamieka Golden, Audrey Armstrong, and Sarah Payton.

James taught a Scrapbook Box Workshop for the Jefferson County Extension Homemakers, Those attending from Heart-N-Hands in addition to James were: Rosen, Toler, Harness, Linda Murray, Kelley, Stout, Barbra Freeman, and Juanita Cook.

Jefferson County Extension Homemakers took an Educational /Fellowship Tour to see hummingbird banding at the Potlach Conservation Center. Those attending from Heart-N-Hands EHC were: Ray and Carolyn Harness, Herrin, Lewis, Toler, Stout, Peyton King, Kelley, James, Robinson, Crosby, Juanita Mitchell, Rosen, and Gerlach.