Despite some opposition from Pine Bluff City Council member Steven Mays, a resolution creating an advisory board for the Jaycee Golf Course was approved Monday during the regular meeting of the council.

The resolution was not initially on the agenda, but after the council voted to add it, Mays sought to have it pulled, complaining first that despite the document saying “A resolution creating …, ” it also said the legislation was an ordinance.

After City Attorney Althea Hadden-Scott told Mays the word “ordinance” was a typo, he complained that the legislation failed to include a council member and said he had not read the proposal and wanted it pulled for further study.

Mayor Shirley Washington, after telling Mays that the council had already voted to consider the legislation, said it would be up to them to decide its fate.

Sponsored by Council Member Bruce Lockett, the resolution creates a five-member advisory board who will advise the Parks and Recreation Department director, the golf pro at the course and the City Council on matters relating to the operation of the course, which is located in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park.

Specifically, the resolution says the board will have input on items such as fees and charges, tournament requests, policies and procedures, capital improvements and policies for overall development of the course, to include plans for additional facilities and ways to pay for them, and revenue and expenditures of funds.

Council Member Win Trafford said Lockett had brought the proposal to the Public Works Committee, of which Trafford is a member, previously. It provides for the people who use the golf course to have input on how it is operated.

The resolution provides that the council will designate the five members of the board, three of whom will serve three-year terms, while the remaining two will serve two-year terms. After the initial appointments, all terms will be three years.

In addition to saying that he thought the terms should all be two years, Mays said his concern was that the advisory board would dictate policy to the city and again called for the inclusion of a member of the council.

“They won’t have any power,” Washington said, adding that members of the council will be “ex-officio” members of the board with the ability to attend any of its meetings.