By turning on the television or radio in the coming days, one may come across a new advertisement for Jefferson Regional Medical Center, which, moving forward, will be known as just “Jefferson Regional.”

The hospital hosted a campaign launch Tuesday where employees and supporters viewed the new rebranding efforts.

“Our brand really has been dated for decades,” said JRMC president and CEO Brian Thomas. “JRMC, in many cases, is not recognized by people in parts of Southeast Arkansas as to what we’re about and what we are as a hospital. Some people don’t even know what the acronym stands for anymore, and we thought that it was important to come out with a new brand -- a fresh approach.”

With “Your life. Our commitment” as one of their themes, Thomas says he wants everyone to know that JRMC exists to meet their needs.

“It goes deeper than just patients and people in Southeast Arkansas,” Thomas said. “Not only are we here to serve them and their health care needs, we’re here to serve our nearly 2,000 employees, physicians, volunteers, part-time, full-time and all of our staff that makes this place function. We believe we’re here from them as well.”

JRMC enlisted actual patients to share their personal stories as part of the rebranding approach.

“We really dug down deep and thought how do we tell the story of Jefferson Regional,” JRMC director of marketing Clay Mercer said. “It’s one thing to talk about us as a hospital, but it’s another thing to talk about it through the eyes of the people we serve.”

According to Thomas, at least 25 members of the community will appear in ads detailing their experiences with staff at the hospital including Matt Woodruff.

“It was great, and I was excited that they asked me,” Woodruff said of his participation.

Woodruff has undergone surgery and other procedures as a patient over the past few years.

“Every experience that I’ve had has been great,” he said. “They have just put forth a team effort every time.”

Wendy Talbot, JRMC director of patient experience, attributes patients’ love for the hospital as a direct result of employees loving what they do.

“It’s our employees that make the difference every single day,” she said. “It’s what you do for the patients and we are patient-centered here. That’s why we’re here and that’s why we come to work.”