The Pine Bluff Art League will feature a demonstration by Margaret Maddison, a young artist from Little Rock, who paints to music.

The meeting will be held from 2-4 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 4, at the Donald W. Reynolds Community Services Center, 211 W. Third Ave.

Maddison uses India ink on huge canvasses and completes a painting in the time frame of one recording, according to a news release.

The artist will be a scholarship student at the Savannah College of Art and Design this fall. Maddison has also won the THEA art scholarship, the governor’s art scholarship, portfolio art scholarships and duck stamp contests, according to the release.

Maddison has been painting most of her life and two of her favorite subjects are ballerinas and horses, according to the release.

“I have ridden since I was five years old,” she said in the news release. “Horses will always be a passion of mine. Learning their musculature and skeleton has contributed to the realism of my drawings.”

Her performance art began with an idea of creating an entire 48X60 canvass in the length of one song for a school talent show, according to Maddison.

“I have since then painted for the Newport Art Festival two years in a row, the Dallas Model and Talent Expo, and taught performance art for a summer camp workshop,” she said. “My favorite music choices vary from calm folk to heavy metal, but violin, soft guitar, and piano music hold a special place in my heart.”

The artist also paints portraits and other subjects in watercolor, acrylic and oils. She will show some of her other work at the meeting, according to a spokesman for the group.

The Pine Bluff artists who watched Margaret perform at the Newport Art Festival this spring are eager to introduce her to all of the artists in the area, according to Pat Sheffield, a retired art teacher.

The public is always welcomed to club meetings, according to Vickie Coleman, art league president.

In a short business meeting, officials will announce a list of paintings accepted into the annual art exhibit at the Arts & Science Center for Southeast Arkansas.

Refreshments will be served at the meeting.