Willing Workers of White Hall’s Extension Homemakers Club met July 23 at the White Hall Museum.

Karen Needler presented the program on “A Little Hoarding in All of Us!” She explained the different levels of hoarding: Minimal, Mild, Moderate, Severe and Very Severe.

“If you are in the moderate or worse level, your clutter is causing substantial difficulties in your ability to function in your home,” according to the news release.

Needler said compulsive hoarding is a hidden danger in the community and can affect anyone, regardless of economic, mental, race, age or sex status. She said compulsive hoarding may be hereditary.

It can greatly affect children of hoarders as they grow up in this environment and may eventually begin to experience the same behaviors. She said to commit yourself to tidying up, according to the release.

She furnished a handout with suggestions for deciding what one should keep, discard, donate, etc. For more details or a copy of the handout, contact Mary Ann Kizer, Jefferson County Extension Family & Consumer Sciences agent, at 870-534-1033.

Also during the meeting, the new President Sarah Payton welcomed everyone and Vice President Karen Needler led members in the Homemaker’s Creed.

Kathy Wilson read the Thought of the Month “Shred your junk mail once per week. Shredded papers can be used as mulch in your garden.” Peggie Barbaree read the Handy Hint “Organizing - Have a place for everything.”

Malinda Traweek read the Inspiration from Matthew 6:19. Secretary Jo Ann Carr called the roll with members answering the question “Do you save tissue paper?” Members present were: Cheri Aronowitz, Jay Needler, Karen Needler, Carr, Payton, Ellen Bauer, Dee Kindrick, Barbaree, Marnette Reed, Wilson, Penny Scholes, Donna Stephenson and Traweek.

Reed presented an outgoing gift to Karen Needler for serving as president for the past two years.

Food was collected for the White Hall Food Pantry. This is a continuing community service project with members bringing items each month. Aronowitz delivers them to the food pantry.

Caps for the Arkansas Children’s Hospital were chosen as the club’s yearly community service project. Carr will demonstrate the caps made on a loom at the August picnic, according to the release.

Payton announced new committee chairmen for 2019-2021: Inspiration - Barbaree; Continuing Education - Kindrick; Leadership Development - Bauer; Community Service - Kathy Wilson; Publicity - Carr; Sunshine - Aronowitz; Nursing Home - Atkinson; and Scrapbook - Payton.

Food groups were also selected along with program assignments.

Aronowitz reminded members of upcoming events including Officer Training, Council Board Meeting and Fair Superintendent Meeting all on Aug. 12 at the Extension office and County Picnic on Aug. 31 at the Extension office. Members are to bring recipes for the Holiday Foods project and a dish for lunch. The club picnic will be at Carr’s home on Aug. 27.

A birthday dinner was scheduled for Reed and Karen Needler for Aug. 20 at Larry’s Pizza in White Hall.

Payton explained the Achievement Point Form and helped members complete them.

Refreshments of chicken salad, broccoli salad, potato salad, fruit and dip, vegetables and dip, crackers, banana pudding and cake were furnished by Karen Needler, Traweek and Stephenson.

For more details about Extension Homemakers, call any member or Mary Ann Kizer at 870-534-1033.