The Arkansas National Guard is providing more water for Carthage in Dallas County.

More than 100 residents were affected by the collapse of the city’s main water well recently, according to a news release.

On Aug. 6, the National Guard took equipment to provide a minimum of 28,000 gallons of water per day to residents.

“County officials requested additional resources to meet local demand for potable water. The Arkansas National Guard has increased their ability to provide water for residents to over 28,000 gallons per day by providing two 2,000 gallon Hippos and a 5,000 gallon water tanker,” according to the release.

“The Hippo is a mobile hard wall container system used to perform bulk and retail potable water distribution and storage. The Hippo consists of a 2,000-gal. (7,571 L) capacity water tank rack with pump, filling station, 70-ft (23.5 m) hose reel, and bulk suction and discharge hoses,” according to the release.