A suspect accused of breaking into a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office sergeant’s department-issued vehicle has been identified but not arrested.

Kendrick Stafford Johnson, 23, and at least two other accomplices not yet identified are wanted for breaking or entering and felony theft charges after breaking into an unmarked vehicle registered to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

At the time the theft occurred, the vehicle was parked at a private residence, the news release said. Johnson and his accomplices are accused of stealing an X26P Taser, duty belt and two .40 caliber Glock ammunition magazines from the vehicle.

Investigators assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division of the JCSO recently traveled to 1105 E. 26th Ave., apartment 14H, in Pine Bluff, where they conducted a search of the property.

During the search, investigators recovered an X26P Taser. Investigators also discovered drug paraphernalia and recovered a 9-millimeter semi-automatic pistol, .22 caliber revolver and two .40 caliber Glock ammunition magazines.

The 9-millimeter pistol was linked to a theft believed to have occurred just hours after Johnson and his accomplices broke into the sergeant's vehicle.

A further search netted the discovery of a credit card and driver’s license belonging to a victim linked to yet another theft that occurred just hours after Johnson and his accomplices broke into the sergeant’s vehicle.

At the time of the search, investigators spoke with the registered tenant of the apartment, who was detained for questioning but released pending further investigation. Johnson managed to evade capture and is still at-large.

In addition to being wanted for breaking or entering and theft charges, Johnson has an active arrest warrant for absconder stemming from a violation of the condition of his parole or probation.