A one-day suspension that an animal control officer received in July was overturned by the Pine Bluff City Council’s Administration Committee following a hearing last week.

Animal Control Director Stoney Shaw suspended Gary Wilson for one day for insubordination, which Shaw said occurred during a staff meeting earlier in the month.

According to Wilson, during the staff meeting, Shaw displayed aggressiveness and hostility and would not allow him to talk.

Shaw said that there had been a previous incident involving Wilson, who had worked more hours than he was supposed to, and he had given Wilson a verbal warning and told him that the next incident would result in a written warning that would go into Wilson’s personnel file.

Council members Lloyd Holcomb Jr. and Steven Mays were present for the initial statements, with Council member Bruce Lockett arriving late for the meeting.

When Lockett did arrive, he talked about an audio recording of the meeting, which he said indicated that there was a “very hostile conversation between an employee and a supervisor and I don’t like it.”

When Shaw said the tape didn’t negate the fact that Wilson was insubordinate, Lockett said there are “certain standards about how you treat employees.”

Holcomb noted that Shaw and Wilson had walked together into the council committee room where the hearing was held and said that it would take everyone working together to accomplish the duties and responsibilities of the job.

After an executive session, the full council approved the committee’s decision to overturn the suspension.