Police Chief Kelvin Sergeant and the Pine Bluff Police Department have created a collaborative between several agencies., the chief said in a press release. The collaborative was created in an effort to stem the continuation and spread of violent offenses in our city by applying consistent pressure and focus where it is needed most.

“This effort will be focusing on repeat offenders, violent offenders and specific individuals who use firearms in the commission of any crime in our city.

This concentration of efforts is central to the type of long range planning work necessary to create effective, positive, and sustainable change,” Sergeant said in the press release. “We want the people who call Pine Bluff home to know that there will be times when our efforts are visible and evident and there will be times when our efforts will not be visible; but the foundation for this work is being put into place, and work is being done.”

Sergeant said the ultimate goal is to create a better quality of life for our residents and visitors, and to let them know that their safety and protection are at the forefront of all of our efforts, both seen and unseen.

According to the press release,he agencies that are committed to these goals are the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO). Arkansas Community Corrections (ACC), Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), Drug Enforcement Administration, (DEA), United States Postal Inspector’s Service (USPIS), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and assigned members of the Pine Bluff Police Department.

“We sincerely ask for the support of the people we serve as we continue our work to serve their needs,” Sergeant said.