The City of Thornton and Thornton Step-By-Step Inc. will sponsor the third fall festival and the second Hot Lips BBQ Cookoff on Saturday, Sept. 21.

The fall festival will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Roy Yarbrough City Park on U.S. 79B at Thornton (Calhoun County). The Hot Lips BBQ Cookoff will take place across the street from the Roy Yarbrough City Park near the fire sub-station and extending onto the campus of the Greater St. Mark AME Church, according to a news release.

“In keeping with the vision of the constituents of this consolidated effort, this is an annual event designed to promote the legacy and rich heritage of our city along with capitalizing on future growth and expansion,” according to a news release.

Everyone is invited to attend.

“The promise is to make it exciting and fun, regardless of age, which offers the opportunity to get together, to mix and mingle, to learn and share knowledge and experiences, and to just have an enjoyable time,” according to the release.

The festival theme is, “Thornton Fall Fest: Turning Over a New Leaf and Promoting Unity in Our Community.”

The event will include live music along with other activities and games. There will also be a variety of booths on display.

“Your support is greatly needed and appreciated. Step-By-Step, Inc., working jointly with the City of Thornton, is an organization within the community that focuses on community improvement and improving the quality of life for its citizens. Please come and enjoy yourselves! There is no fee to attend; attendance is free, but we ask you to bring your own lawn chairs,” according to the release.

Details: Levenis Penix, 870-352-8241; Sharon Scott, 870-352-7968; or John Scott, 870-313-2402.