After deliberating just 45 minutes, a Jefferson County Circuit Court jury found a Sheridan man guilty of severely beating an elderly couple at a house in Jefferson County in 2018.

Eddie Dale King, 35, was convicted of two counts of first-degree battery stemming from the beating of Chester Deubel, 76, and Carol Debuel, 67, at a home they were purchasing at 6810 Wampler Spur. The couple had been in Arkansas just four days at the time of the incident.

Crcuit Judge Alex Guynn sentenced King to 25-years in prison on each count with the sentences to run consecutively or one after the other for a total sentence of 50 years. King will have to serve half that sentence but could reduce it to one quarter or 12 and-a-half years if her receives the maximum amount of good time available.

“The jury was able to convict him without a motive because nobody knows why he did what he did,” said Deputy Prosecutor Jill Reed who with Deputy Prosecutor Jay Gerard represented the state.

Trial testimony was that Stephen Griego, an installer for Dish Network was at the house installing satellite service when he heard Carol scream and saw a man later identified as King with a headlock on Carol. When Chester went to help his wife, King hit him, then approached Griego who got in his van, drove away and contacted authorities.

A few minutes later, Sheridan Police were sent to Action Realty where they found Carol and Chester in a truck and found Chester unresponsive. Carol said she had driven there because she did not know anyone else in the area. She told police that King had been at the house where he was doing work for her and Chester. She said King choked her and hit Chester in the head with a hammer.

King was taken into custody in Sheridan and transported to the Jefferson County Criminal Investigations Office where he said he understood his rights but was not questioned after he asked for an attorney.

Both Chester and Carol were taken to UAMS where doctors had to perform emergency surgery on Chester’s skull.

Reed said this was the last jury trial for this particular jury pool whose service ended Aug. 31 and said she “appreciated their service.”

“They did a very good job and hung in there,” she said.