Win Trafford, businessman, real estate broker, and current Ward 2 Council Member has announced that he will seek re-election to his Ward 2 City Council position.

Win is a lifelong resident of Pine Bluff. He and his wife Tracey have two adult children, and two grandsons. Win’s parents, Winfred and Charline Trafford, loved and were very active in supporting Pine Bluff, and Win has followed in their footsteps.

According to a pres release, Win knows what Pine Bluff used to be, and he believes that the “new” Pine Bluff will become even greater than that. He is committed to doing his part in the rebuilding of his hometown. He feels that his ability to be fair and unbiased, as well as his true concern for what is best for Pine Bluff, has helped him make a significant contribution to Pine Bluff’s City Council. He wants to continue in his position, and help continue Pine Bluff’s forward progress.

The following is Win’s social media announcement:

“Pine Bluff, I have been truly honored to represent you as Ward 2 Council Member/Alderman. I have been blessed to meet and interact with so many concerned citizens across our amazing city. Often times, I have not been able to attend neighborhood watch meetings and other meetings, due to conflicting schedules. However, I have attended many meetings which dictate the future of our city for generations to come. My dedication to each of you, your kids, grandchildren and other family members has never been stronger! I, first and foremost, believe in our people. We are all concerned with making sure our great city progresses, and we have many things which cause concern. I can assure each of you, that I share those same concerns. Equality matters, and we must always be inclusive of anyone who qualifies to help make our city better. Sometimes, we must reach out beyond our boundaries and recruit those with certain expertise to become a part of our great city.

Many of you are doing everything you can each day to make a positive difference in our city, and I appreciate you a ton. It is my hope and prayer that we can all agree to come to the table and discuss issues in a respectful manner.

With all of this said, and to end any speculation, I announce to each of you this evening that I humbly announce my intention of running for re-election of my Ward 2 Council Member Position.

May God Bless each of you and more importantly, Bless our wonderful city!”

#WeArePB. #WinWithWin