A resolution authorizing Evergreen Packaging to participate in the state’s Tax Back program was approved by the Jefferson County Quorum Court Monday night.

With three members absent, the county’s legislative body went along with the recommendation from County Judge Gerald Robinson who described the action as a “win-win” for the county.

Under the program, businesses may receive the sales and use taxes they pay for construction and equipment at a specific facility, but county government must first approve the business participating in the program.

Allison J.H. Thompson, the new president and chief executive officer of the Economic Development Alliance for Jefferson County said there will be an increase in the number of employees at Evergreen but the Alliance was not authorized to give specifics on how many. Thompson replaced former president and CEO Lou Ann Nisbett who has retired.

In other business on Monday, several resolutions dealing with money for the sheriff’s department including moving $5,629.61 that had been deposited in county general from insurance receipts to cover electric bills and appropriate $100,581.10 from the Public Safety Sales Tax to cover salaries and benefits for employees at the juvenile justice center.

Another appropriation that was approved transferred $155,631.78 that had previously been transferred by court order in January 2019 but never appropriated. A bulk of that amount, $139,821 will be used for food at the detention center while $7.359 will be spent on fuel and the remaining $8,451.78 for building rent.

Also approved was a request from Jefferson County Coroner Chad Kelley to move $3,600 which had been included in the salary slot for an office administrator to a part-time/extra help slot. Kelley said in a letter to Robinson and Justice of the Peace Ted Harden that the additional funds should cover payroll for the rest of the year.

Another request approved was a $5,000 appropriation from the Jefferson County Board of Election Commissioners to cover costs for the Watson Chapel School District election. Commission chairman Mike Adam said in a letter that because there will be a contested race in the district, it will be necessary to open election day polling sites. Adam also said that all expenses associated with the election will be reimbursed.

Justices of the Peace Dr. Herman Ginger, Alfred Carroll and Delton Wright were absent Monday.