The Arkansas Department of Health regulates the sale of food at establishments which include restaurants, bars, daycares, schools, grocery stores, convenience stores, bed and breakfast facilities, hotels/motels, mobile units and concession stands. Inspections are made unannounced by environmental health specialists.

Electronic copies of retail food inspection reports are available on the Arkansas Food Inspection Portal. To access the portal, visit the food protection page on the Arkansas Department of Health website at

The following are the results of food safety inspections conducted by the Jefferson County Health Unit:

• Snack-n-Shop, 10900 U.S. 270, White Hall. Date of inspection into complaint Sept. 9. No violations pertaining to complaint during inspection.

• Kentucky Fried Chicken, 401 N. Blake St. Date of inspection into complaint Sept. 6. No violations observed during time of inspection.

• KWIK Chek, 800 N. Bryant St. Date of inspection Sept. 5. Hand washing sink was blocked by cardboard boxes. A hand washing sink shall be maintained so that it is accessible at all times for employee use, and do not use for purposes other than hand washing. The worker removed the cardboard boxes to make the hand wash sink accessible. Observation: Observed roaches and excessive amount of flies in establishment. Maintain the premises free of insects, rodents, and other pests. The presence of insects, rodents, and other pests shall be controlled to eliminate their presence on the PREMISES by (A) Routinely inspecting incoming shipments of FOOD and supplies; (B) Routinely inspecting the PREMISES for evidence of pests; (C) Using methods, if pests are found, such as trapping devices or other means of pest control and (D) Eliminating harborage conditions. Observed wiping cloths laying on the counters. Wiping cloths shall be kept in sanitizer solution after each use. used as intended and in compliance with Regulations pertaining to Retail Food establishment. NC Observation: Observed trash cans containing food residue being stored uncovered while not in continuous use. Trash cans containing food residue should be covered when not in continuous use. Observation: The facilities needs to be cleaned. Corrective Action: Clean the physical facilities as often as necessary to keep them clean.

• Chapel Food Mart, 5901 Sulphur Springs Road. Date of inspection Sept. 4. Observation: Facility does not have chemical sanitizer test strips . Test strips must be available and used to test the strength of chemical sanitizing solutions.

• Chef Lee, 502 Mallard Loop. Date of inspection Sept. 4. Employee drinking soda from can. Provide a straw when drinking from a can. Corrected. Move freezer some so hand sink can be more easily accessible. Locate hand-washing sinks to allow convenient use in food preparation. Saw no probe type thermometers for checking internal cooking temperatures. Get probe type thermometers for this purpose. Did not see ambient air thermometers in all food coolers. Keep them visible at all times. Food stuffs in bulk containers not labeled as of contents. Food not in the original packages for use in Establishment must be identified with the common name of the Food. Flies on sticky tapes. Remove loaded tapes as needed. Foods at chocolate fountain are not protected from contamination from consumers. Food on display shall be protected from contamination from consumers. Wiping cloths laying about preparation areas. Rinse in use wiping cloths in a sanitizer solution between tasks. Duct tape on lid of small freezer at end of cooking station. Replace or repair with a durable, non absorbent easily cleanable material. Observation:No sanitizer test strips. Corrective Action: Test strips must be available and used to test the strength of chemical sanitizing solutions. Ice machine, walk in cooler doors and their handles visibly soiled. Clean any surface that is visibly soiled. Bulk dry storage containers visibly soiled. Clean bulk containers. Observation: several areas of the physical facilities in preparation and storage visible soiled. Corrective Action: Clean the physical facilities as often as necessary to keep them clean. Areas in preparation and storage, especially walls are in various states of disrepair. When remodeling, refinish them as to be durable, smooth, non absorbent and easily cleanable.

• Neighbor to Neighbor Inc., 1419 Pine St. Date of inspection Sept. 4. Must have a sign or poster that notifies food workers to wash their hands at all hand-washing sinks used by food workers and shall be clearly visible to food workers. Post provided signs. Corrected. Contact paper tearing/peeling on storage shelving. Replace or refinish with a durable, non absorbent, easily cleanable material. Deep fryer not under approved vent system. When remodeling, correct this. Contact Arkansas Department of Health HVAC Section for vent system regulations. Some light tube missing end caps. Replace them to totally enclose bulbs in case of bulb breakage.