The fourth annual Highway 79-63 Junk Hunt Loop continues with a 120-mile route of rummage events that will pass throughout Cleveland and other counties through Saturday, Oct. 5. This year’s Junk Hunt coincides with the 30th anniversary Rison In The Fall Festival set for Oct. 5, according to a news release.

The Junk Hunt Loop route starts at the Highway 79 exit at Interstate 530 in Pine Bluff, proceeding south along Highway 79 through the Watson Chapel community, Rison, Kingsland and Fordyce. At Fordyce, the loop turns east along Highway 8 passing through New Edinburg on its way to Warren. At Warren, the loop turns north on Highway 63 heading back to Pine Bluff through the Cleveland County communities of Rye, Pansy, Rowell, Calmer, Woodlawn and Randall.

Junk Hunt organizer Jennifer King and Friends of Pioneer Village president Sharon Gray promoted the event along the route and on the Hwy 79 -> Hwy 63 Junk Hunt Loop Facebook page and its Facebook group, according to a news release.