As Pine Bluff Police continue their investigation into the death of Angel Dawn Sebring on Thursday, new details have emerged, including a statement Daniel Jones, who is being sought as the suspect, made to his step-father.

Police found the body of Sebring, 40, under the Martha Mitchell Expressway where it crosses Union Pacific Railroad.

Sebring was pronounced dead at the scene and the body was sent to the State Medical Examiner’s Office at Little Rock for an autopsy to determine cause and manner of death,

According to a police report, officers on the ground under the overpass were directed to the scene by officers who were on the overpass and they located the body of Sebring, who was lying face down with her arms in front of her. Sgt. Richard Wegner, who was one of the officers involved in the ground search, said in the report that Sebring’s head was turne slightly and she was wearing a shirt and pants but no shoes. He also reported that he saw no signs of life and the beginnings of lividity on the lower parts of her body.

About 15 minutes before the body was found, an officer was sent to Jefferson Regional on a welfare check and encountered Larry Tanner, the step-father of Daniel Jones. Tanner had a young male approximately two years old with him and said Jones, 43, came to his residence in the 1700 block of Ohio Street with the child in his hands and banged on the window.

Tanner said Jones told him he had “done something real bad to Angel because she was provoking him.” He also said Jones told him he had left walking with the baby because the car stopped on the highway but said Jones couldn’t say what highway. Tanner said Jones also said “he (Tanner) needed to take care of the baby because he (Jones) couldn’t take care of him.”

Tanner said he asked Jones what he had done to Angel, including asking Jones if he had killed her and said Jones did not reply and walked outside the trailer where he said to “Check the hospital for Angel” before walking away.

Wegner also reported that a search for Jones on Ohio Street from East 52nd Avenue East Harding Avenue was unsuccessful. On Friday, police released two photos that were taken from a security camera at the Valero Station at 3000 E. Harding Ave., and said in a press release they believed the photos were of Jones.

Daniel Jones is a white male, 6’3” tall weighing 245 pounds. He is wanted on probable cause of capital murder and anyone with information is asked to contact the Detective Division at 870-730-2090 or the Dispatch Center at 870-541-5300. Information can also be shared via Facebook. All information will be kept confidential and a reward may be available for information leading to an arrest and conviction.