The fate pf a proposed ordinance dealing with property owners in the Pine Bluff Historical District and what is required of them when they want to restore, rehabilitate or demolish their property will be decided Monday when the City Council meets at 5:30 p.m.

Up for the third and final reading is the ordinance which would require those property owners to obtain a “Certificate of Appropriateness from the Pine Bluff Historical District Commission before they do anything to their property.

Sponsored by Council Member Bruce Lockett, the proposed ordinance calls for all applications for permits to contain a provisions asking if the property for which the permit is being sought is in the historical district and if so, the applicant must first obtain that certificate from the historical district commission before the permit can be issued.

Up for a first reading is a proposed ordinance repealing a resolution adopted at the last meeting which called for taking just over $2 million of the proceeds from the five-eights cent Go Forward sales tax away from already designated projects and funnel it into other areas. That resolution, sponsored by Council Member Ivan Whitfield, who is a candidate for Mayor in 202 was approved by a vote of 5-3.

The proposed ordinance was discussed during a meeting of the development and planning committee Tuesday and members of that committee voted to send it to the full council with no recommendation so that further discussion could take place.

Up for a second reading Monday is a 50-page ordinance restating the ordinances comprising the city’s retirement system, which was created and established July 1, 1971 and is continuing. This system is for non-uniformed city employees and according to the proposed ordinance, “has been established and will be maintained for the exclusive benefit of its members and their beneficiaries.”

Also on the agenda is a resolution asking the Advertising and Promotion Commission to designate the Plaza Hotel and Convention Center complex as the top priority in its budget beginning in January. That commission administers the so-called hamburger tax which is placed on food and beverage purchases as well as hotel and motel stays. Pine Bluff Urban Renewal is planning on buying the Plaza Hotel attached to the convention center, then turning it over to the convention center after renovations are made. Those renovations would be paid for by the issuance of bonds which would pay the debt service on the bonds.

Other items on the agenda include:

* An ordinance adopting a use of Intranasal Naloxone policy for the police department.

* An ordinance amending the city code of ordinances regarding the discharge of firearms in the city limits.

* An ordinance waiving competitive bidding and authorizing an agreement with Bob Ladd and Associates to lease equipment to maintain the city’s golf course.

* An ordinance to close an undeveloped part of Lela Street north of Cherokee Lane.

* A resolution appointing Leigh A. Cockrum to the Historic District Commission.