Goldie R. Whitaker retained her seat on the Watson Chapel School Board Tuesday, defeating challenger Walter R. Boone in the only contested race in the county.

Complete but unofficial results showed Whitaker with 91 votes to 41 for Boone.

Also in the Watson Chapel District, 89 voters cast ballots against the school millage tax while 72 voters voted for the tax. The opposition was symbolic since voters can turn down increases in the tax but can not reject in outright.

In the Dollarway School District, nine voters or 74 percent of those voting approved continuing the millage at the same rate wile 25 percent, or three voters said no.

In the Pine Bluff District, a total of 39 people voted for the millage tax while 22 voted no.

Voters in the White Hall School District will go to the polls in January as that district is seeking a millage hike.