After serving the community for more than 15 years, Tuesday Morning is shutting down. The closeout merchandise retailer confirmed to The Pine Bluff Commercial that it’s expected to close its doors Jan. 15, 2020.

“We have over 700 locations throughout the country and we’re always monitoring profitability of stores,” said Tuesday Morning Arkansas district manager Shannon Brannum. “We make real estate decisions obviously based on profitability, but also on what kind of deals are we getting on real estate? So, sometimes we have to re-evaluate our real estate yearly and this location is not as profitable as some of the other locations in this market.”

As of now, Brannum says the Pine Bluff location is the only store in the state set to close this year. A Texas company based in Dallas, founder Lloyd Ross opened the first store in Dallas.

“We have several stores in Little Rock and we have a store in Hot Springs,” she said. “So, there are still going to be some locations nearby.”

Customers with a digital Perks Card can still use it any other location, according to Brannum.

“We’re sad that we’re leaving that market,” she said. “We have great loyal customers there and we know that. It’s just unfortunate, because we appreciate the loyalty of the customers in Pine Bluff.”

Merchandise is currently 10 percent off the regular price. Brannum encourages customers to visit the location to shop as items will continue to be discounted between now and Jan. 15 until everything is sold.

“We’re constantly analyzing our real estate portfolio,” said Brannum. “So, in the future, there could be new stores opening that are close to the area. It doesn’t mean we’re gone forever and there’s a possibility we could come back somewhere nearby. But, in the meantime, we have all [those] great stores in Little Rock.”