Committees of the Jefferson County Quorum Court on Tuesday will consider a nearly $27.5 million 2020 budget when they meet at 5:30 p.m.

The proposed budget calls for $8.275 million in the 2020 County General Fund and another $19.160 million in miscellaneous funds.

Looking at some specifics in the County General Fund, he 2020 budget calls for spending $617.423.20 by the County Judge’s Office, with more than half that devoted to salaries and benefits. The county clerk’s budget was set at $536,626.73 and again salaries and benefits make up a significant part of the budget

The sheriff’s office will be budgeted just over $1.95 million for nine months and another $140,736.25 was proposed for election costs in 2020 which will see primary elections at the city county, state and federal level, potential runoffs and then the November General election.

In terms of miscellaneous fund spending, a proposed six-month budget for the adult jail, which receives funds from a number of sources was set at $3.984 million and a six-month budget of $918,722.28 was proposed for the juvenile justice center fund.

The budget for the Jefferson County Road Department $4.49 million and $1.82 million for MECA (Metropolitan Emergency Communications Association).

Before the regular committee meetings, the members of the county’s legislative body will meet at 5 p.m. for a special called meeting to discuss funds for the juvenile justice center.

According to a letter from Chris Brown, the office manager for the sheriff’s department, $231,398.50 cash is needed to cover payroll, maintenance and operations through the end of this year and the County Treasurer reports that as of Oct. 25, a cash balance of $12,387.16 was available. On Oct. 21, an emergency ordinance transferring $40,000 from district court to the juvenile justice center was approved.

Brown said in the letter that the $40,000 made it possible to process the paychecks for Oct. 31, but there were no provisions for continued operation of the juvenile center.

“As such, there is now relatively no cash for the Nov. 15 payroll or operational costs,” Brown said. “This is an emergency warranting immediate attention and potentially a special called meeting.”

He went on to say that the committee meeting Tuesday is after the date that paychecks for Nov. 15 have been processed and the next meeting of the full court is Nov. 18, not only after the Nov. 15 payroll but also after the Nov. 16 submission for the Nov. 29 payroll.

Brown said that he $40,000 that was transferred from District Court was part of nearly $120,000 that had been appropriated but not transferred to district court through the first three quarters of this year. Also, the treasurer reports that there is a cash balance of $328,091.01 in the Public Safety Sales tax fund.